Issue 11 and Volume 147.

SAM AND DAVE (AND FIREHOUSE FRIENDS), PART 2 EDITOR’S OPINION East Galoshes fire Department, evening of the training barn Kilroy: …I received some materials about NIST’s Building and Fire Research Laboratory. Their Fire Safety Engineering Division administered 96 projects in 1993 and 1994. I counted about two or three at most that seemed to have a relationship to us as public firefighters, as those who do the manual structure firefighting. Dave: The rest were for the engineers? Kilroy: That and some specialized projects, like for the Navy or DOT or a private company. If you have a worthy research proposal, they’ll play if you pay. Anyway. I was curious about the numbers. I said, ‘ What’s their mission, if not at least in part to help as ?” Their promotion booklet very nice and slick, by the way—states: “NIST’s primary mission is to help U.S. industry to strengthen its international…

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