Issue 12 and Volume 147.

MORE OPERATIONS THAT NO ONE TALKS ABOUT RANDOM THOUGHTS Before we “climb” out of the cellar, where we have been for the past few columns, let’s discuss other fires and emergencies that may occur there. Gas meter fire. One of the most dreaded emergencies in the cellar is the gas meter fire. 1 know some of you have installations on the outside of the structure like we do here in Waterbury; but for most of my career and in much of older America, these service “centers” were located on the cellar wall closest to the main service from the street. Shut off the meter if there is a gas leak— most are quarter-turn globe valves. This is also the tactic if it has ignited and taken fire. Do not pul the fire out before you are able to shut down the gas supply. A few hectic times when searching for…

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