Issue 1 and Volume 148.

DIVERSITY BY SUSAN BRIGHTMIRE You`re checking out a report of a gas odor. You reach the door the same time as she does. You pause, flashlight in one hand, and pull back the hand that instinctively reached for the knob. You wonder, Is she one of “those” women? Will she smack me for opening the door for her? Will I offend her if I don`t? Why on earth are things that used to be so uncomplicated now looming over our heads like a huge gray cloud of impending lawsuits? TIME FOR FACING THE PROBLEM It is easily summed up in the word diversity. If you are not familiar with this word, then look out. It is coming to your neighborhood soon and no doubt will resemble the same sort of diminutive tornado it has been to every department it has visited thus far. The fire service often has sat back…

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