Issue 5 and Volume 148.

THE WHITE GHOST BY FRANK C. MONTAGNA The call was for a basement fire in a three-story brick multiple dwelling. The first-in engine transmitted the signal for a working fire. Two additional engines and a truck were dispatched. Engine 8 arrived third. The intense heat prevented the first two engines from moving into the basement. Engulfed in the hot, black, billowing smoke, they applied water into the opened exterior cellar door. Bill, Engine 8`s lieutenant, thought, “It`s an oil burner and a hot one.” He told his firefighters to stretch a 212-inch line. “If the first two engines couldn`t advance with their 134-inch lines, perhaps the added reach and higher flow of the 212-inch line would help.” As Bill`s team stretched the cumbersome 212-inch hose, the smoke turned white. “Good,” thought Bill. “They are hitting the fire, and the water is turning to steam. It won`t be long before we…

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