Extrication Zone


Issue 5 and Volume 148.

VEHICLE EXTRICATION BASICS BY RICHARD A. MARINUCCI AND LEE A. PANOUSHEK Removal of automobile-accident victims is a critical function of fire and rescue departments. Like structure fires, automobile extrication can be quite simple or extremely complicated. As a critical function, it requires individual proficiency in conjunction with teamwork. Good performance during an auto extrication–which is necessary to ensure safe, proper, and rapid removal of the patient or patients–is dependent on preparation and training. Proper preparation makes operations run smoother and ensures quality care to the patient. There are four components to the preparation phase: Develop a procedure. The procedure must be flexible enough to address a variety of extrication scenarios while establishing consistent guidelines that can be used regardless of the severity of the incident. The procedure must be consistent with the abilities of the personnel and equipment available. For example, hy-draulic power tools can have a wide variety of…

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