Extrication Zone


Issue 7 and Volume 148.

ALTERNATIVE CHOCK BY JOHN CONNIFF For many years our company used step chocks for vehicle stabilization during extrication operations at motor vehicle accidents. For those who are not familiar with how step chocks are used, the stems of all four tires usually are pulled from the wheels to lower the body and/or frame onto the chocks to effect vehicle stabilization. While this procedure stabilizes the vehicle, the end result is a vehicle with four flat tires resting on your chocks. We found that many times, due to accident investigations and so forth, our out-of-service time was drawn out while we waited to retrieve our blocks. We came up with an alternative chock that works well and is inexpensive to build. The design of the chock provides a means of stabilization in spaces from 312 to 14 inches and maintains a ground contact of 612 inches in width. Although this chock…

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