Issue 9 and Volume 148.

VOLUNTEER LEADERS SURVIVING MODERN TIMES BY JOHN M. BUCKMAN The volunteer fire service is dying. This is a statement often heard lately–sometimes in the form of a question. I do not believe the volunteer fire service is dying. It is changing, it is adapting, it is striving to cope with a changing society–just as the fire service in general and many other business enterprises are. Volunteer fire department leaders and members must learn new skills and techniques to keep up with a changing society that is demanding more from each of us every day. Today`s volunteer fire department leader, for example, must be able to accept change. In today`s environment of constantly flowing information, altered ideas, and growing government regulations, volunteer chiefs must keep learning. The fire department desert is layered with the bones of those who felt they understood completely and stopped learning. Also, there is more outside intervention…

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