Issue 9 and Volume 148.

OPERATIONS ON PEAKED-ROOF STRUCTURES BY BOB PRESSLER Operations on peaked-roof structures usually are considered some of the most hazardous operations on the fireground. Peaked-roof operations combine many dangerous evolutions–gaining access to the roof area, moving on the roof surface, operating power tools or swinging hand tools (both of which require balancing acts), and conducting all operations above the fire area. Fire breaking through the roof decking can burn the firefighters operating in the immediate area or cause them to lose their balance and fall off the roof. The danger of roof failure–of the decking or the supporting assembly–is always present. To make operations safer, proper training should cover types of peaked roofs and roof construction, ways to access and move on different roof areas, proper ventilation techniques including the power saw vs. the axe, and firefighter safety. CONSTRUCTION A roof assembly is made up of the following parts: rafters, decking,…

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