The Oklahoma City Bombing: Report and Analysis

Issue 10 and Volume 148.

The Oklahoma City Bombing: Report and Analysis Message from the Governor: The Fire Service in Oklahoma City BY FRANK KEATING, GOVERNOR OF OKLAHOMA The images of the April 19 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City have become worldwide icons, and many of them involve firefighters. From the classic photo of the firefighter cradling a mortally injured child to footage of grimy helmeted men and women during the agonizing recovery effort, America came to know Oklahoma and the public safety workers who came to our aid. There were immense technical challenges behind those images. Many of the articles in this special Fire Engineering coverage address those challenges and describe how they were overcome, one by one, as dozens of agencies merged their skills and experience. If there is a central lesson to be found in Oklahoma City for the fire service, it is that rigorous training…

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