Fire EMS

EMS Treatment and Transport

Issue 10 and Volume 148.

EMS Treatment and Transport BY MARK ROBISON Ninety seconds after the explosion, EMSA had seven ambulances and two supervisor units staffed with 24 medical personnel (paramedics and EMTs) on the way to the site. Treatment of victims began within three minutes. The first seven ambulances were designated strictly as treatment units; this ensured that there would be enough personnel to begin immediate triage and treatment. (In a typical response, the operational plan would be one ambulance for treatment, one ambulance for transport.) No one had to wait for treatment. Within 15 minutes, a second wave of 34 EMSA ambulances (for transport only) arrived to begin transport, beginning with the critically injured. Between 9:02 and 10 a.m., 56 ambulances were operating on the scene, performing triage and providing treatment or transporting. This number included mutual-aid units–within 15 minutes, 22 mutual-aid ambulance services from throughout Oklahoma and even from Texas were en…

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