Technical Rescue

Supporting a Fractured Building

Issue 11 and Volume 148.

Supporting a Fractured Building BY JOHN P. O`CONNELL A tremendous amount of shoring was erected throughout the Murrah Building`s fragile structure. Much of it was erected during the first days of the operation; however, shores were continually erected or improved throughout. They were used to protect members operating in dangerous areas and to stabilize the building`s remaining structural elements. In some areas, debris had to be removed before shores could be erected. (The base on which the shoring is assembled must be able to support the load being shored, or disastrous results can occur.) The majority of the shoring was done in the interior; a few shores were constructed outside of the structure, mainly to support sections of debris during removal operations. Rescue personnel installed the wood shoring; construction contractors erected four- and six- inch pipe shoring, much of which was tied together with angle iron straps for additional rigidity.…

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