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GIS Support

Issue 11 and Volume 148.

GIS Support BY DAVE KEHRLEIN AND DAVE SHREVE During the seven days from April 27 through May 3, 1995, a combined effort on the part of the USAR Incident Support Team (including members from California OES, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and USAR team members), California OES`s GIS team, and Southwestern Bell`s CAD group produced an impressive array of products developed to enhance the operational capability of the USAR teams involved in the Oklahoma City Bombing. The turnaround time on the projects we attempted was astounding. Credit must go to the members of the IST`s procurement group and the Southwestern Bell CAD group. Many people spend a lifetime without having the opportunity to work on a project with the spirit of cooperation and ingenuity that prevailed in Oklahoma City. Although we have been involved in many disaster operations, this was our first experience with the USAR program. We followed along…

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