USAR Communications

Issue 11 and Volume 148.

USAR Communications BY JOHN CARROLL As the communications officer for Florida Task Force 1 (FL-TF1), my first thought when I was notified of the Oklahoma City Bombing was that the task force could be mobilized. I called my office and had my assistant begin charging batteries and configuring the cache for a search and rescue mission. It wasn`t until Friday that I received a call from Oklahoma City. I was asked to respond but as a member of the incident support team (IST), FEMA`s overhead team already on the ground coordinating the incoming task forces. I arrived on Saturday along with Chief Cindy Sears from Metro Dade (FL) Fire Rescue. When we arrived, we found the IST working hard in the basement of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. I was to assist Mark Deputy from VA-TF2 in the role of communications officer, which was not an easy task based…

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