Truck Company


Issue 1 and Volume 149.

FORCING THE TUBULAR DEADBOLT BY BILL GUSTIN Security-conscious residents and businesspeople frequently fortify their doors by installing one or more tubular deadbolts. A tubular deadbolt is the most common “add-on” lock because it is relatively inexpensive and easy to install. Although it operates by a simple mechanism, it can be a very strong and challenging barrier for burglars or firefighters attempting to force entry. A deadbolt, which costs as little as six dollars, can make forcing a door a difficult ordeal for firefighters who underestimate its strength. To successfully and rapidly force entry of doors secured with tubular deadbolts, a door must be properly sized up and the correct tools and techniques must be used. Personnel who perform forcible entry must be able to rapidly recognize tubular deadbolt locks and have a thorough understanding of how they are installed and operate. Usually, it is not difficult to recognize tubular deadbolts.…

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