Issue 1 and Volume 149.

DANGERS OF HIGH-RISE FIREFIGHTING BY VINCENT DUNN New York City: Two firefighters are killed by toxic gases 20 stories above a cellar fire in a high-rise building. Chicago: Two firefighters plunge 15 stories down an open elevator shaft in a high-rise fire. Philadelphia: Three firefighters are trapped and killed while searching above a spreading high-rise fire. As these deaths testify, high-rise firefighting is extremely dangerous. Normal dangers at a high-rise fire include flame, smoke, heat, toxic gases, flashover, backdraft explosions, and flameover. The high-rise building itself presents other dangers in terms of structure, building systems, and floor design, to name a few. Following are some firefighting dangers found in high-rises and some safe firefighting procedures to help you survive a high-rise fire. FALLING GLASS Heavy pieces of razor-sharp broken window glass falling into the street from 10 or 20 stories above can cause injury and death. Falling glass can strike…

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