Apparatus & Equipment


Issue 2 and Volume 149.

IMPROVING APPARATUS ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS BY KEN MENKE In 1962, when I joined the fire service as a member of a small volunteer department, my company operated an engine that had been in service since 1936. Although old, Engine 2 usually ran very well. However, 33 years later, I still vividly remember responding to the call of the house siren and being unable to start the motor. Newer apparatus had dual batteries to cope with such a problem, but our old engine had only one battery and it was totally dead. The regular driver arrived next and was not the least bit concerned. As soon as the full crew arrived, he set the ignition to the magneto position, had us push the engine onto the ramp, popped the clutch, and away we went. Arriving on the scene, we pumped a little water from the booster tank, put out the fire, and…

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