Issue 2 and Volume 149.

ADVANCED PUMPING SKILLS TANDEM AND DUAL PUMPING BY LEIGH T. HOLLINS Operating a pumper involves various levels of skills: simple skills such as knowing how to pump a booster line, intermediate skills such as flowing multiple lines, and advanced skills such as using residual hydrant pressure to determine water availability. Tandem pumping and dual pumping are advanced skills that have as prerequisites a thorough understanding of basic and intermediate skills. Some confusion appears to surround the techniques of tandem and dual pumping. Some textbooks say they are the same. Others give the definition of one of these terms for the other, and some books describe each as they will be described in this article. To clear up the confusion, compare the simplest definitions of the two terms. Dual means “double,” and tandem means “one after another.” These short definitions are aids in matching the proper name with the proper technique.…

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