Engine Company


Issue 2 and Volume 149.

STANDPIPE SYSTEM OPERATIONS: ENGINE COMPANY BASICS BY ANDREW A. FREDERICKS When fires occur in buildings equipped with standpipe systems, engine companies are responsible for completing three critical tasks: 1. supplying or augmenting the standpipe system to ensure an adequate volume of water at proper pressure; 2. transporting hose, nozzles, fittings, and other tools to the hose outlet valve selected for use; and 3. stretching and advancing a hoseline to control and extinguish the fire. Before examining each of these tasks and some of the many difficulties encountered when operating with standpipe systems, let`s briefly review the various types of standpipe systems and where they might be found. (A bibliography is provided at the end of this article for reference and further study.) TYPES OF STANDPIPE SYSTEMS Standpipe systems are categorized according to the size (diameter) of the hose outlets and as being either “wet” or “dry.” NFPA 14, Standard for…

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