Issue 2 and Volume 149.

GETTING STARTED WITH CLASS A FOAM SOLUTION BY C. BRUCE EDWARDS There are many Class A foam systems–aspirated low-expansion foam, aspirated medium-expansion foam, compressed air foam, and foam solution. For a fire department that wishes to minimize capital expense and training requirements, the easiest and cheapest way to enter the new technological era is to start with foam solution, since existing nozzles and techniques can be used. Later, more equipment and training can be added to employ other Class A foam technology, if desired. MORE WASTE EQUALS LESS EFFECTIVENESS Using foam solution is not a new idea. Something similar was first used decades ago, when it was known as “wet water.” This had surface tension-reducing (wetting) properties like the foam solution of today, but, unlike its modern counterpart, did not cause foam to form. Foam solution–a foam-water mix applied through conventional fire apparatus and nozzles–allows water to better wet and…

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