Issue 2 and Volume 149.

THE CRITIQUE BY TOM BRENNAN Many of you will agree to the value of the critique–this post-operation ceremony of data gathering. Many of you also may have different ideas of just what, when, why, how, and of what value a critique is. The fire service critique is traditionally (bad word on the West Coast) divided into two categories: the formal and the informal critique. Formal critique. The formal critique is usually conducted too late after the operation. It occurs because of a large and complicated operation, loss of life, or standard departmental operational procedures; or, it occurs because it is ordered by another. Its value is usually questionable at best (at least for immediate operational enhancements of the first-arriving units). Let me explain: It occurs too late after the operation. Stories related are not factual–they represent regurgitations of standard operating procedures already in place (at least the ones that cannot…

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