Issue 2 and Volume 149.

“IN CHARGE” OF A VOLUNTEER DEPARTMENT, PART 2 BY JOHN M. BUCKMAN Let`s continue our discussion of the 70 primary roles of today`s officer (again, not in order of importance). Of course, much more will be expected of you as a leader. And, as I said in Part 1 of this article (January 1996), if you are already an officer, ask yourself, How am I doing in each area? What can I do to improve my performance? PRIMARY ROLES 36. Jack-of-all-trades/master of none. One person cannot possess all the talent necessary to be an effective leader. Use other people`s strengths to help you. Know your limitations, and recognize and build on people`s skills and talents. 37. Leader. Leaders believe that each person is valuable, able, and responsible in some way. Real leaders see leadership as a process of empowering people to see themselves positively–as competent, productive, and important. Leaders also…

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