Issue 2 and Volume 149.

HAZARDOUS VAPOR CLOUD BY JERRY NAYLIS On Friday, August, 5, 1994, at 2210 hours, the Prospect Fire Company of the Bergenfield (NJ) Fire Department responded to a call at an office building. Employees reported a strange odor in the building. I was fire chief at the time of the incident. I arrived and observed several individuals standing outside the building, who identified themselves as employees of the company. I entered the building with a team of firefighters and noticed that the odor was sulfur-like. The smell got stronger as we went deeper into the building. Our first thoughts were that perhaps a sulfur candle was being used for extermination purposes, but the manager on duty indicated this was not the case. The odor became so intense that firefighers used SCBA during their search for the source of the odor. Firefighters checked the roof to see if anything thrown or placed…

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