Engine Company


Issue 3 and Volume 149.

EXTERIOR HOSE STRETCHES, PART 1: SINGLE HANDLINE OPERATION BY DOUG LEIHBACHER You may have to stretch handlines up the exterior of a building for a number of reasons. Reasons include the need to stretch multiple handlines into one building, to avoid overcrowding the interior stairs, to operate in buildings without standpipes, and to operate in buildings that are vacant or in a state of disrepair with unsafe stairs. When the decision is made to stretch a single handline, the following procedure may be used. The stretch is made using a plastic container such as a bleach bottle to carry 50 to 60 feet of 38-inch-diameter utility rope. First, the nozzle team carries sufficient folds of hose to a point below the window through which the line will be stretched. When estimating how much hose is needed, the officer should consider that one length is needed for every four stories of…

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