Issue 4 and Volume 149.

PREPLANNING BUILDING HAZARDS Editor`s note: For further reference, consult Building Construction for the Fire Service, Third Edition. (Top right) Leaking roofs are a major problem in the maintenance of buildings. One solution is to add a whole new roof. This is also done to make a roof line more aesthetically attractive. Whatever the reason, ventilating the second roof is no help in a fire in the contents. How do we know this is a second roof? (Middle right) We “undress the building.” Alert New Smyrna Beach, Florida, firefighters noticed the alteration. The old tar and gravel built-up roof is still in place. Note the front of the new truss roof is cantilevered out. The balance point is just above the left-hand side of the side windows.1 (Ref. p. 554) (Bottom right) In general, all illustrations should be easily understood on sight; however, very hazardous conditions are not always easily apparent.…

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