Truck Company


Issue 5 and Volume 149.

AURORA`S TRENCH RESCUE AND STRUCTURE COLLAPSE TRUCK BY LIEUTENANT/PARAMEDIC KURT C. SCHLEGAL, AURORA (CO) FIRE DEPARTMENT Click here to enlarge image The Aurora (CO) Fire Department organized its technical rescue team (TRT) in January 1993. The team`s responsibilities, in addition to fire suppression and EMS, include heavy extrications involving air, rail, and vehicle accidents; confined-space incidents; high- and low-angle rope rescues; trench/building collapse scenarios; and water and ice rescues. The team has 24 members, eight per shift. Two paramedics serve on each shift; the remaining team members are state-certified EMT-Bs. A paramedic engine, a heavy rescue vehicle, and the trench rescue truck, described below, are housed together. Space limitations prohibited us from carrying shoring materials on the heavy rescue vehicle we acquired in June 1993. We, therefore, planned to purchase a vehicle or trailer to carry sheeting and shoring materials. Budget limitations, however, precluded our purchasing a vehicle large enough…

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