Fire Prevention & Protection


Issue 6 and Volume 149.

COLLISION IN CODE TOWN, PART 2 BY BILL MANNING There`s a fork in the track that leads to Code Town. For the codes- and standards-publishing corporations and others steaming ahead on the fire code train, the options are simple: Either the three model code groups and the National Fire Protection Association will create and share a single national fire prevention code, or we`ll have two (instead of four) separate codes. The train is at full throttle. There`s no turning back. The model code groups, fronted by their joint-codes management apparatus known as the International Code Congress (ICC), are making their move to enter the international market, and they need a single, unified national code structure to succeed. The inevitable unification of the model building codes has sent everyone greasing the tracks for the ISO 9000 train. The NFPA, a power player on the fire code train by virtue of its…

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