Issue 6 and Volume 149.

BUILDING MARKING SYSTEM BY BOB PRESSLER, FIREFIGHTER, CITY OF NEW YORK (NY) FIRE DEPARTMENT The article “Vacant Building Fires” (Fire Focus, January 1996) explained the vacant building marking system used by the City of New York (NY) Fire Department. The Technical Services Division of the Indianapolis (IN) Fire Department has developed a different method of identifying vacant buildings and their hazards. A white, approximately nine-inch square placard with red lettering is used to show one of four classes of hazards: A number 1 on the placard indicates that the building is too hazardous to mount an offensive interior attack and that imminent danger exists within. A number 2 indicates some structural problems, and entry into the building should only be made if a person(s) is trapped within. A number 3 indicates a building with minimal damage (at the time of inspection), and entry for interior operations should be dependent on…

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