Apparatus & Equipment

Storage on Apparatus–A Continuing Nightmare

Issue 6 and Volume 149.

Storage on Apparatus–A Continuing Nightmare BY TOM BRENNAN Portable ladders on engine companies. How many of you have given thought to this concept? If a grossly understaffed engine company arrives at the scene of an occupied structure fire, when would it need the portable ladder? Correct if you said, “when, on arrival, life hazard is showing at an upper floor (within reach of ladders carried) AND the victim is in imminent peril.” Maybe someone can be spared to raise the ladder to the victim. Maybe, in the rarest of cases, the victim showing is in such peril and would definitely succumb should hoseline operations not be momentarily suspended while a ladder is placed and the victim removed. (This is one situation that should be driven home to the manpower decision makers. How many of you can do that in civilian language?) Now, the decision moment: What ladder do you take,…

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