Firefighter Training


Issue 6 and Volume 149.

FRESH APPROACHES TO TRAINING BY CARL F. WELSER Apart from ruthless rules and mandatory participation, volunteer firefighters tend to greet their internal training program with a mixture of enthusiasm that follows a fairly predictable curve. Some firefighters can`t be held back. They want to know everything. Today! On the other end of the scale are the few who require spoonfeeding. That little bunch is tough to train because so much of the substance is lost on their bibs and mustaches. The middle majority is willing but skeptical. They`ve seen it all, and they`ve done most of it at least once before. As resistant to change as the fire service may be, we still want our familiar old meat and potatoes served up with fresh, new sauces. We crave novelty over stability. Novelty for its own sake is just that. But freshness is appealing. The smart training officer trusts the fundamental…

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