Issue 6 and Volume 149.

ANTI-FUR PROTESTERS PRESENT RESCUE CHALLENGE BY MARK J. McLEES, CAPTAIN, SYRACUSE (NY) FIRE DEPARTMENT RESCUE COMPANY On a daily basis, we are reminded of how truly lucky we are to have the fire service as our profession. Just when you think you have seen everything that your locality has to offer…WHAM…along comes another story for the memoirs. We should have known from the original dispatch that something was up. “Rescue and Car 3…assist the police….” When the cops need to get onto a roof for evidence or to look for a perpetrator, they usually send a truck and a chief. So why were we dispatched? En route, Car 3 asked the dispatcher, “What do we have?” The dispatcher replied, “The police need you to get some handcuffs off.” Well, we thought to ourselves, that`s no big deal. We always get called to do that…. But, they don`t usually send a…

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