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Apparatus color safety research questionable

Issue 9 and Volume 149.

Apparatus color safety research questionable L. Charles Smeby, Jr. Marshfield, Massachusetts After reading the summary in News in Brief (February 1996) about the article in the Spring 1995 issue of Journal of Safety Research by Solomon and King, entitled “Influence of Color on Fire Vehicle Accidents,” I would like to comment on the validity of the results. To begin with, the authors state that, “Since the number of accidents [in the study] is small, accurate estimation of probability by vehicle color is suspect.” My first question was, Why would you publish a summary of an article that the authors admit is probably not accurate? Normally, the smaller the number of observations, the greater the possibility the observations could be influenced by chance or random effects. Generally, most statistical studies need about 250 independent observations to be reliable. This study had only 20! In addition, in statistical studies, a researcher will…

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