Firefighting, Structural Firefighting


Issue 10 and Volume 149.

INFORMATION THE KEY TO SUCCESSFUL FIREFIGHTING BY VINCENT DUNN A fireground commander must obtain, manage, and process information transmitted over radios during a fire. Information is the key to successful high-rise firefighting. Critical information should flow from fire officers and sectors to the officer in command; however, it often does not. So a fire chief sometimes has to get information at a fire himself. To do this, you must listen and ask questions–lots of listening to messages transmitted over portable radios and lots of asking questions of sector officers, building managers, and the officer in command at the scene on arrival. At some high-rise buildings, floor plans and video display terminals can provide information about stairways, elevators, floor layouts, standpipe systems, and unusual hazards. The officer in command must obtain so much information that a checklist sometimes is used to record the data. After the information is obtained, the chief…

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