Issue 10 and Volume 149.

THE FLOOR ABOVE, PART 4 BY TOM BRENNAN Parts 1, 2, and 3 appeared in the July, August, and September issues. Last time, we were discussing how safety increases as the number of apartments on each floor increases. We will continue with our discussion of how having more than one apartment per floor provides easier access to the floor above the fire. If on arrival the interior stairs are impossible to use to the floor above the fire (or any other reason), go another way. Get an exterior entrance from outside by aerial or portable ladder. In buildings with many fire escape installations, forget the ladder and use a fire escape remote from the one to the fire apartment. Ascend to the floor above, and force your way into the “clean” apartment. Notify and calm occupants, or quickly check for the occupants of that apartment and open the door to…

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