Truck Company


Issue 10 and Volume 149.

COMMERCIAL BUILDING FIRES BY BOB PRESSLER Photo 1. As companies arrive at the scene, smoke is visible from several areas of this tightly sealed commercial building. The building is two stories in height and appears to be of ordinary construction. It is approximately 40 feet wide, and from the front it is impossible to determine how deep the building runs. Steel rolldown gates cover the first floor, and apparent energy-efficient replacement windows line the second floor. The signs over the stores indicate a type of meat market or provisions company resides there, which appears closed at the time of the fire. Exposures are a street (#1), a 312-story frame building of unknown occupancy (#2), unknown (#3), and a three-story frame building (#4). Exposure 4 is attached, and exposure 2 is only separated by a small alley. The first engine, equipped with a water tower, positions in front of the building…

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