Firefighter Combat Challenge

Issue 1 and Volume 150.

Firefighter Combat Challenge Name Withheld Challenge Competitor The Kansas City (MO) Fire Department`s union Local 42 and surrounding union fire departments have put a black mark on the name firefighter and on Kansas City itself. The International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) held its conference in Kansas City for the first time, and it is scheduled to be held here every three years. One of the largest fire conventions in the world, it brings tourism and money to the city. Because of the actions of the above-mentioned fire departments, Kansas City is in jeopardy of losing the convention and the Firefighter Combat Challenge. The Challenge was created as a spirited friendly competition to highlight the level of fitness required to perform the basic tasks of firefighting, to demonstrate to the outside world the nature of the job, and to showcase the kind of people who place themselves in harm`s way…

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