CO detector alarms an opportunity

Issue 1 and Volume 150.

CO detector alarms an opportunity William F. Sullivan Captain Chelsea (MA) Fire Department Ian Rogers made the following statements about home CO detectors (Letters to the Editor, Fire Engineering, August 1996): CO detectors have “created a whole new category of virtually endless false alarms to burden a fire service already strained to its limits by false automatic alarms and abuse of EMS services.” “Early warning of a CO buildup could save and has saved lives in some cases. But those successful incidents are a very small percentage of the total number of responses to such calls.” “Even with an intelligent response system in place, we will still experience an unacceptable number of false alarms, especially during those occasional thermal inversions.” In my experience, a sounding CO detector is usually responding to a CO problem in the house. The source may not be easy to locate and may not be deadly.…

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