Issue 1 and Volume 150.

FIREFIGHTER SAFETY IN MRI LABS BY CAPTAIN ANDREW M. SHAPIRO, STOCKTON (CA) FIRE DEPARTMENT An incident involving a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) device illustrated the potential for injury to firefighters and the need for emergency responders to be aware of the “invisible forces” that can affect the safety of their work environment. On August 7, 1994, at 0222 hours, the Stockton (CA) Fire Department responded to a report of a structure fire in a large medical office complex. On arrival, the first engine reported “heavy smoke showing” and potential “flashover conditions.” The company officer requested that a second alarm assignment be struck. When the engine crew entered the structure, the condition they encountered suggested that the fire had been smoldering for some time. The seat of the fire was difficult to find due to the heavy smoke and extreme heat. On arrival of the first-due truck company, gasoline-powered blowers were…

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