Engine Company


Issue 1 and Volume 150.

THE OUTSIDE TEAM BY BOB PRESSLER With the on-duty strength of ladder companies varying from department to department, the tasks that are required to be performed at structural fires must be identified and handled based on available resources. Basic truck company duties can be divided into two main categories: those performed by the inside team and those performed by the outside team. Inside team duties consist of forcible entry into the involved building, a search for both potential victims and location of the fire, ventilation where possible, and checking for extension and overhauling. Photo 1. For a four-member truck company, the easiest split is two and two. This pairs two firefighters together for each team. The first task that normally confronts the inside team is forcing the entrance door to the premises. In private-dwelling fires, forcible entry was usually not considered to be much of a problem. Now many families…

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