Issue 2 and Volume 150.

IMPROVING FIREGROUND RADIO COMMUNICATIONS BY ROBERT C. BINGHAM Good fireground communications should be a part of your everyday operations. They are vital for efficient fireground operations. Most fires that turn into disasters are plagued by poor communications. Despite this, communications in many fire departments could stand to be improved. The following suggestions could help you to improve your department`s communications. BUY THE RIGHT RADIOS Too many fire departments buy “Star Wars” radios–more radio than they need. Radios should be “firefighter-proof,” according to an old salty lieutenant; that is, the radios should be constructed so that it is difficult to make mistakes. The more features and gadgets a radio has, the more problems you are likely to have operating them. The characteristics of a good practical radio are simplicity, reliability, and ease of operation. Some radios have tiny knobs and fancy features–such as the capability to phone your stockbroker from the…

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