Fireground Safety


Issue 2 and Volume 150.

USING THE CLASSIC RISK MANAGEMENT MODEL BY MURREY E. LOFLIN AND JONATHAN D. KIPP The safety and health component of risk management was incorporated into NFPA 1500, Standard on Fire Department Occupational Safety and Health Program, during the 1992 revision process. In Chapter 2 of this standard, the requirements of the risk management program are stated as follows: 2-2.1: The fire department shall adopt an official written risk management plan that addresses all fire department policies and procedures. 2-2.2: The risk management plan shall cover administration, facilities, training, vehicle operations, protective clothing and equipment, operations at emergency incidents, operations at nonemergency incidents, and other related activities. 2-2.3: The risk management plan shall include at least the following components: (a) Risk Identification: Potential problems. (b) Risk Evaluation: Likelihood of occurrence of a given problem and severity of its consequences. (c) Risk Control Techniques: Solutions for elimination or mitigation of potential problems;…

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