About that “dirty secret”

Issue 2 and Volume 150.

About that “dirty secret” Thomas J. Huser Firefighter/EMT Fishers, Indiana I just finished reading “The Dirty Secret” (Editor`s Opinion, November 1996). I am glad to see someone is trying to raise the issue of fire prevention. I have been a member of the fire service for more than 14 years and believe that the call for fire prevention and associated codes is long overdue. Unfortunately, the attitude of the majority of the fire service was shown to the world when Ron Howard, in his movie Backdraft, showed the sign located in the kitchen above the television. It read: “Chicago Fire Department, 150 years of tradition unimpeded by progress.” The fire service has proven by the formation of the Congressional Fire Caucus that it can wield political clout; unfortunately, this has yet to be extended to state and local levels. Change also must occur within the fire service itself. People do…

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