Firefighter Training

Panic attacks

Issue 2 and Volume 150.

Panic attacks Bruce Cavallari Boca Raton, Florida Have you ever been ready to go to a training evolution and known that you just did not feel comfortable? I knew there was something wrong about five minutes before I was expected to enter an SCBA blackout maze. There was nothing wrong with my equipment, my partner, or the maze. The problem was me. A few minutes after this feeling started, I had developed a full-scale panic attack. My heart was racing; my breathing was rapid. I could not concentrate on the assignment. Worst of all, the more I thought about this, the worse it got. Basically, whatever underlying problem triggered the event had cascaded into a major problem that prevented me from properly completing the drill. I am sure I am not the first person to have experienced this. The question is, Why would this happen to me after nearly 20…

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