“Of Mice and Men”

Issue 2 and Volume 150.

“Of Mice and Men” Daryl D. Sensenig Odenton, Maryland I recently read with interest and some confusion the Editor`s Opinion in the September and October issues. In the September issue, Bill Manning lists example after example of “complacency on routine incidents” that have or can turn into tragedy if the firefighters are not diligent and safety conscious even in situations that do not appear dangerous. In the circumstances he has listed, I would suggest as a remedy for this problem the concept of holding incident commanders and their subordinates legally accountable for their actions, or inactions…. Until fire service leaders are held as accountable and then liable as leaders in other fields such as medicine and transportation, where lives and property are also held in the balance, then their subordinates would not be permitted to be so “complacent,” as he described. This leads me to the October issue. Manning goes…

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