Fire EMS


Issue 3 and Volume 150.

EXPANDING THE EMS: GETTING INTO THE TRANSPORT BUSINESS BY GORDON M. SACHS Many fire departments across the country limit their EMS activities to first response: responding to calls for emergency medical help, providing the necessary emergency care, and handing the patient off to another agency for transportation to a medical facility. Although this type of system works well, many departments are working toward providing full-service EMS by adding emergency medical transportation to their functions. Other fire departments have been successfully providing EMS transportation for decades. Expanding EMS capabilities to include transport can be a big step for a fire department. There are many more considerations and requirements than are required by first-response systems. In addition, there may be significant costs involved, particularly those involving the purchase and staffing of transport vehicles. Some departments, however, have found creative ways to deal with these challenges and are providing their citizens with top-notch…

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