Firefighter Training


Issue 3 and Volume 150.

ORGANIZING AND TRAINING SPECIAL RESCUE TEAMS BY ROBERT RHEA Organizing effective training programs for rescue teams begins well before the first text is opened or the first lesson plan is developed. For end results favorable from the instructor`s as well as the student`s perspectives, planning must begin with the actual development of the team. The development issues from which the skeleton of your training program will evolve include the following: Identifying rescue target hazards. Determining the need for a special team. Identifying response alternatives. Selecting the mode of response (in- cludes team makeup and equipment). Identifying rescue target hazards begins with an evaluation of your response district and a review of your own past incidents as well as incidents that have happened across the country–chemical releases, train derailments, bombings, and collapses, for example. Generally, a specific emergency incident will act as a catalyst to prompt the development of a specialized…

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