Issue 3 and Volume 150.

“TO-DO” LISTS ENHANCE INCIDENT MANAGEMENT BY JOHN F. (SKIP) COLEMAN Items similar to those shown on the list at right can be found on the calendars and in the organizers and computers of fire officers across the country. They constitute the “to-do” list, an organizing aid used by individuals from all walks of life–from corporate presidents and CEOs to firefighters to office workers to homemakers. To-do lists serve as reminders of “things” that you want to accomplish over a specified period of time. I have discovered that something as basic and fundamental as a to-do list has been a valuable tool for organizing my duties at emergencies. Although the time span at an emergency may be different from the usual daily or weekly schedule of calendars and planners, the concept is the same. Before I share with you how to-do lists can help at all emergencies, I want to make…

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