Firefighter Training

Safety must not be overlooked

Issue 3 and Volume 150.

Safety must not be overlooked I commend Fire Engineering on publishing an excellent journal that covers the broad spectrum of topics firefighters face today. I also would like to comment on some of the serious safety concerns that were unaddressed in “Training Benefits Evident in Successful High-Angle Rescue” (Volunteers Corner, December 1996). While reading the article, I was quite impressed with the decisions the agencies involved made while performing their high-angle rescue. When I looked at the pictures, however, I was disturbed to see the safety concerns that were overlooked. The first problem I saw pertains to the pictures on page 10. In both, rescue personnel are rigging their anchor points extremely close to the ledge without proper PPE (helmets/harnesses). This only tends to complicate the problem if one of the rescuers were to fall. In the photo layout on page 12, we see some overlooked safety concerns that could…

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