Fire Prevention & Protection

What is procedure for fire alarm activations?

Issue 3 and Volume 150.

What is procedure for fire alarm activations? During the course of the average year, the American fire service responds to literally thousands of automatic fire alarm activations. In many cases, the building in question is unoccupied with no available key holder. What is the proper procedure? Should forcible entry be used and a thorough search of the premises be conducted, or is an outside visual inspection adequate? Local attorneys have supplied us with conflicting opinions. Some attorneys indicate that forcing a door or window is considered an invasion of privacy. Other attorneys indicate that once the fire department is summoned, it starts a chain of events that requires the fire department to perform a complete and thorough investigation. They advise that the fire department`s actions must include an interior inspection of the building from which the alarm has emanated, to ensure that no incipient fire exists. What is proper, morally…

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