Firefighter Training

“The problem with training is quality”

Issue 3 and Volume 150.

“The problem with training is quality” Gene Carlson`s “Trained Volunteers Make a Difference” (Volunteers Corner, November 1996) hit the nail on the head. Too often, the volunteer firefighter`s training fails to reflect real-world applications and experiences because the six-point erroneous training maxims Carlson listed are all too true. I work part-time as a field instructor for Kentucky Tech Fire/Rescue Training, full-time as an area coordinator with Kentucky Disaster & Emergency Services, and as a volunteer firefighter. I can identify departments that reflect each of those six points. A Kentucky volunteer firefighter is required to obtain 150 hours (with specific hours identified) to become certified. Unfortunately, only 20 annual hours are required by the fire commission to maintain certification (not specified). Many departments hold that one “in-house fire school” for the firefighter to receive the required 20 hours. There is a positive side that varies from scheduled training once a month…

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