Issue 4 and Volume 150.

THE DOOR CHOCK BY MICHAEL N. CIAMPO One of the most important but least talked about firefighting tools is the door chock. Proper use of door chocks will improve every fireground operation–from initial entry until the last handline has been taken up. In most fire service training manuals, forcible entry techniques are illustrated in a step-by-step fashion. Once the door is forced open and entry is made, however, the discussion usually ends. Is entry of the initial firefighting team our only concern? To ensure the safety of all operating personnel, we must maintain the door open as both a means of entry and a means of egress. Door chocks may be either commercially produced or homemade. Commercially available chocks come in a wide assortment of shapes, sizes, colors, materials, and costs. Most work well, but others prove to be of little value. Many cheaper chocks simply can`t withstand the rigors…

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